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Rayne Calor Essex Village Of The Year 2006.Winner Calor Village of the year 2007 Regional ICT Category.
Winner Calor Village of the Year 2007 National ICT Category.
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Don Smith

 Personnel Committee, Village Hall Committee, EALC Voting Members, BALC, Emergency Planning Reps

 Vice Chair.  Clerk.
 Ann Hooks Sarah Cocks
Ann Hooks Sarah Cocks


 IT Working Group


Cllr  Cllr.  Cllr.
 Celia Murton  Mike Begley  Roger Jiggins

Celia Murton

Mike Begley

Roger jiggins

 Planning Committee, Village Hall Committee, Emergency Planning Reps  Planning Committee, EALC Voting Members, Flitch Way Liason Group  Personnel Committee, Flitch Way Liason Group, Web Steering Group, Groundsman Responsibility, Nature Reserve working Group,

Cllr.  Cllr.  Cllr.
Trevor Rippingale James Hardy Grace Meehan
crest James Hardy crest
   Web Steering Group, IT Working Group  BALC, Flitch Way Liason Group, Web Steering Group

 Cllr.  Cllr.  Cllr.
Pat Roberts Simon Tibbetts Martyn Phillips
Pat Roberts crest Martyn Phillips
 Personnel Committee, IT Working Group, EALC Voting Members, BALC, Web Steering Group  Planning Committee, Village Hall Committee, Web steering Group, IT Working Group  Planning Committee, Personnel Committee, Flitch Way Liason Group, Web Steering Group

District Councillor  .  County Councillor
 Mike Banthorpe   Roger Walters
{Mike}     {Roger}


Contact Details

 Chairman  Don Smith  01376 325765
 Vice-Chairman  Ann Hooks  07852552247  cllrhooks@rayne-essex.gov.uk
 Clerk (Office)  Sarah Cocks  01376 552489  rpc@rayne-essex.gov.uk
 Parish councillor  Celia Murton  01376 340146
 Parish councillor  Mike Begley  01376 346807  cllrbegley@rayne-essex.gov.uk
 Parish councillor  Roger Jiggins  01376 324311  cllrjiggins@rayne-essex.gov.uk
 Parish councillor  Grace Meehan  07931408075  cllrmeehan@rayne-essex.gov.uk
 Parish councillor  Trevor Rippingale  01376 329485  cllrrippingale@rayne-essex.gov.uk
 Parish councillor.  Pat Roberts  07983 455211  cllrroberts@rayne-essex.gov.uk
 Parish councillor  Simon Tibbetts  01376 340919  cllrtibbetts@rayne-essex.gov.uk
 Parish councillor  James Hardy  01376 328239  cllrhardy@rayne-essex.gov.uk
 Parish councillor  Martyn Phillips  01376 344736  cllrphillips@rayne-essex.gov.uk
 District Councillor  Mike Banthorpe  01376 552525
 01376 322306
 County Councillor  Roger Walters  01245 492211 (office)   Cllr.Roger.Walters@essexcc.gov.uk

To view the Rayne Parish Councillors Registers of Interests Click Here or follow the instructions below, given by Braintree District Council.

Parish/Town Councillors Register of Interest

The Registers of Interest are available to view on Braintree District Councils website and can be accessed by the following link.


This link will navigate to an online directory, which can be searched by Parish/Town Council name. All the Registers for each Parish/Town Council are published as a single PDF document.

If you wish to view the Register of Interests in person, they are available for public inspection at the office of the Monitoring Officer at Braintree District Council, Causeway House, Bocking End, Braintree, CM7 9HB during normal office hours.

In order to avoid disappointment, please can you contact the Monitoring Officer or Deputy Monitoring Officer in advance of your attendance at the District Council Offices.

Ian Hunt - Monitoring Officer
Email: ianhu@braintree.gov.uk

Emma Wisbey - Deputy Monitoring Officer
Email: emmwi@braintree.gov.uk

Telephone: 01376 552525